My Cousin Gail T Collier

gave a demonstration of her colored pencil technique at the Islesford Artists Gallery last week. Fascinating. The finished drawing is available at Islesford Artists Gallery, along with more of her work. Check the link on this blog for her Web site.




Work still in progress:


During the demo, someone asked Gail how long it took her to make a drawing like this. Her response: “A lifetime.”


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2 responses to “My Cousin Gail T Collier

  1. holly

    her colors are so juicy!
    it’s lovely, precise work…love the danglers on her website…
    she’s got work published in 2 books i REGULARLY show as example in class…i bet i’ve shown her work!


  2. fernald244

    I know. I love her work. If you use Dick Blick pencils in your classes, that’s her work on the pencil boxes.
    I had never watched her work before. I kept thinking, “There’s something here I can apply to my jewelry work….but I’m not quite sure what it is…yet….”


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