How do people do this daily?

Blog, I mean. I may have to change my mind on this resolution…It feels like there is nothing to write about today. With a little stomach bug, I spent the day on the couch, reading. Not much to say about that. Not much to photograph either.

But I recently bought some lighted branches to put in my bathroom for a nightlight and they make me happy every time it gets dark.  I think I could put these in every room of my house and still not get tired of them.




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4 responses to “How do people do this daily?

  1. beautiful.
    p.s. also, blogging about lighted branches is WAY better than not blogging for a month! AND i typed a long comment to yesterday’s post that got lost somehow…upshot? love your photos and the light that comes in the diningroom window and why don’t i ever think to spiral necklaces? it looks so cool.


    • Barb Fernald

      Ha ha. I’m going to your blog now to see if you are out of that hospital room yet!
      Thanks for the nice comment about the spirals.
      I have not gotten to the glass research yet for Rockland. I will. Maybe by this weekend.


  2. Susan White

    Love the lighted branches Barb…makes me as happy as my Candle Deer!


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