The day after the day after

You know how it is the first day you start to feel better after being slammed down on the couch by some achy stomach virus thing? You want to make up for all the time you “wasted’ by doing nothing for three days because you felt so crummy. But after a few hours of activity your body says, “Ha ha. Fooled you. You still feel like dirt!”

Then comes the day after the day after feeling sick. You pace yourself, realize you might not be as far behind as you thought, and if you are, you don’t care because you just feel so happy to feel all better.

Today was that day for me. I made myself go for a walk while it was still foggy this morning, I worked in the studio, I mailed off 3 return packages for clothes I had ordered that didn’t work out, I mailed an Etsy order to Canada, chatted with several people I had not seen yet, (newly arrived on the island) and I tamed half of my vegetable/flower garden.

All in all a great day. It feels so much better to feel better!

(Lupine, phlox, and iris on yesterday’s foggy “almost better” walk.)


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11 responses to “The day after the day after

  1. LeAnn

    Seems a pretty full day for pacing yourself! The iris, one of my all time favourites) are just gorgeous. I’m always amazed by how much cooler you are up there and how different the timing of the seasons are. The iris here finished blooming sometime in May.

    Home you keeping feeling better and better.


    • Barb Fernald

      Our lilacs are just starting to bloom near the end of May. We seem to wait for a longer time than others before spring arrives, but when it gets here it is pretty spectacular. The Lupine, Phlox and Iris have been unbelievably full everywhere, maybe it’s from all the rain.
      You must be experiencing quite a change of seasons fromTexas. Less heat I hope. Less Dryness.


  2. Lynn Leighton

    Glad to hear you are feeling better & ‘Up & at em’ again Barb!
    It’s so nice to feel ‘Well’ again when we’ve been feeling ill isn’t it?
    Hope & Ben have been home from school today, after a night of a sickness bug last night, poor things. The upside of that, was that I got to have cuddles on the couch & have a lazy day watching Wimbledon with them! Every cloud has a silver lining!
    Lynn xxx


    • Barb Fernald

      I’m all better, and I hope your kids will be soon. Do they get a summer vacation? The kids here have been out for a week.
      I loved seeing the photos of your daughter in New York. You both must have been having a pretty wonderful time!
      xoxo Barb


      • Lynn Leighton

        Kids are all better today! I wish I was as reslilient!!
        They don’t break for summer vacation until end of july over here & go back first week in September. Doesn’t seem like much time off, but if the weather sucks, which it usually does here in the summer, it’s long enough!
        New York was fabulous, as always! It was just a real shame we didn’t get to hang out with Susie more, or visit Maine!
        Next time I come I am coming alone so hopefully will get up to see you with Susie.
        It’s a fabulous day here in England today, not a cloud in the sky!!
        Have a great day! xxxxx


  3. Glad you are feeling better. I still remember when I could get sick one day and pop up the next. Now that I am older it takes much longer to feel better.


  4. These flowers are so beautiful – even more beautiful in the foggy light – really brings out the purples! Thanks for sharing them!


  5. holly kellogg

    so glad you’re feeling better…and your garden?gorgeous!…..i did get to peep at your blog while i was away a couple of times…spotty wifi (pronounced weefee in poland…heehee…) but could never make a comment…it was a wonderful trip but it’s 10 times more wonderful to be home!


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