Day 2 of renewed blogging

For a year I have paid for a premium subscription to WordPress. I wanted to be able to post videos and remove any ads from my space that I don’t see, but others do. I find after so much time away it is really hard to even remember how to post on my blog and add pictures! If I do this every day for a while maybe it will all come back.

In a week of 4 snowstorms we managed to rack up at least 40 inches of snow on ground that had been bare since last spring. And, I have been recovering for two months from double knee surgery….

Enter my son’s snowshoes, from high school, patiently waiting for me to rediscover them in the attic. I used to be a cracker jack downhill skier, having started the sport at age 4. But in the 40 years I’ve lived on Little Cranberry Island, I’ve managed to go downhill skiing a total of 10 times. It’s just not in the cards. We’re too far from a ski area, we live with a limited ferry schedule in the winter, and my husband has not skied for years either. Cross country skiing is a good option when we get enough snow. But balancing on narrow skis  is not a wise move for me just now.

So yesterday I tried snow shoeing for the first time ever. I LOVED it! I met up with two other island women and off we went to admire the magical snowy woods.

Today I went off on my own to one of my favorite parts of the island. The property owned by jeweler Sam Shaw.

Yes, I am so grateful to live in a quiet magical place! And, at the end of the walk through the woods, the path opens to this view.

Yup. It is totally beautiful here. I try not to ever take it for granted. I love being able to share some of the winter scenes that most of our summer visitors never get to see. I hope they are as quiet and soothing for you as they are for me.


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4 responses to “Day 2 of renewed blogging

  1. Glad you’re back and thanks for the pictures! I relocated from a lifetime in Denver to the Gulf Coast of Florida 18 months ago to be close to water. Just to be able to see it is, indeed, magical.


  2. Oh, do I see pebble beach here. So wonderful that I have been there. Now I recognize the place. Please keep sharing the Island life X


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