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Photography step 2

I found a great deal on-line for a table top photography set up.  This should be an improvement from shooting all of my jewelry photos through a gallon milk jug or tupperware wrapped in tissue paper. Today I found out that I still like the natural light from our dining room window, no matter what set up I use to diffuse it. I also realized that the learning curve is longer than one afternoon for taking good photographs with my little digital camera and the new set up…darn it!

Additional Gallery photos coming up.


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Another winter afternoon walk…

imgp55691Bruce and Dan walking ahead on Gilley Beach, while Cynthia and I stay behind to photograph frozen surf lines. It may not be jewelry, but these wavy lines are kind of inspiring….who knows how they will reappear in some upcoming designs!  Winter here is cold but beautiful.


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Friday, January 30 was…

the deadline for all finished pieces to be in the hands of the judges for the 2009 Saul Bell Design Award Competition. I was honored to be chosen as one of the 5 finalists in the Precious Metal Clay category this year. 

The necklace I designed and submitted incorporated Oregon Sunstones from the Ponderosa Mine, PMC+, PMC Gold, and freshwater pearls. I sure hope the judges will be intrigued. I know I’ll be up against some tough competition.

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Where did that month go?

On Little Cranberry Island, January is a good time of year to settle in, read books, and watch movies. Most people I see picking up their mail have a red Netflix envelope tucked in with their daily paper, catalogs, and bills.  My good intentions to photograph more jewelry this month never made it past the intention stage.  However, I’ve watched some good movies, read some great books, and have seen some incredible sunsets on my afternoon walks. 


Above was from a walk on Gilley Beach. The sunset below was taken from the stern of the mailboat, after dropping passengers at Great Cranberry, heading home to Islesford.


Just another late afternoon walk in January…..


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