This is a gallery of recent work. Some of these pieces and other current work is available for sale on my Etsy site.

Fine silver, recycled glass, patinated copper.

Bone, coconut shell, sterling silver, glass, ostrich shell, red malachite, copper.

Half hoops with two-sided design. (above)

Bronze  metal clay with natural patina. (above)

(below) Vintage Lucite beads

Four pair of bronze clay and copper clay earrings. Gold filled wires.













Necklace donated to Friends of Acadia auction.


Fine silver PMC hollow “rock” earrings


Copper clay.




Reversible PMC bead earrings




Copper clay with glass, freshwater pearls, and 3mm gold filled beads.



Fine silver PMC, freshwater pearls, sterling round beads.


Islesford beach rocks with “stone” beads of fine silver PMC, bronze metal clay and copper metal clay.



Islesford beach stones, fine silver PMC rock beads, sterling silver.  17″

The 17 ” necklace below is completely reversible. Designed to hang with only one side of the hand crafted beads showing at a time. Each bead half was made separately from PMC. The stones were set from below the surface and secured with PMC sheet. Raised texture on side one is from a silicone mold of hot glue lines. Raised texture on side two is from a stencil cut from a notebook cover and punched with paper punches. The bead halves were then joined together and fired in the kiln. Once fired, I applied gold to the raised surface on the side with the sunstones, using the keum-boo technique. The opposite side is oxidized with liver of sulfur, and the raised dots are polished. The necklace also includes freshwater pearls and sterling silver beads. This necklace was a finalist in the PMC category of the 2009 Saul Bell Design Competition. It will be donated to the auction at the fund raising dinner for the Ubuntu Education Fund in New York on April 28.

Side one:  Fine silver PMC+, Oregon Sunstones from the Ponderosa Mine, 22K gold keum-b00.



Side two: Fine silver PMC+ oxidized and polished.

Adjustable length necklace. Fine silver PMC beads; hollow-formed using silicone molds of beach rocks. Tumbled blue glass.

Necklace donated to 2009 MPBN Auction.



Earrings. Fine silver PMC with 22K gold.

16″ necklace of flat fine silver PMC beads and sterling silver chain. Magnetic clasp.



Bead detail.

Fine silver rock beads, real rocks with freshwater pearls, fine silver cedar print beads.

Things on strings! Fine silver beads and pendants,

paper collage under epoxy resin, silk ribbons and sterling silver chain.

Earrings of fine silver and glass beads.

Earrings. Fine silver, 22 karat gold.

Reversible pendant, finer silver, silk cord.

Handmade fine silver beads, Islesford beach pebbles, sterling silver.

43 responses to “Gallery

  1. holly

    wowee! this looks great! so professional! will you keep adding to the gallery as you finish work?


  2. holly

    also, now you have to get yourself on the creative arts link on the islesford site…
    p.s. marian’s pottery is lovely!


  3. katrina

    looks lovely barb!
    have fun with it….


  4. your new additions are beautiful!


  5. Meg Q

    So nice to get a look at what you’ve been working on! It all looks beautiful. Fritz also showed me your Saul Bell design, it’s fantastic, congratulations!


  6. Amazing! Loved the cedar wrapped beads. The pressure is on to continue the great work!


  7. rachelle

    I like your work. It is unique and professional. Do you teach any classes?


  8. fernald244

    Hi Rachelle,
    I don’t teach any classes right now. But I’m not ruling it out for “some day…” Thanks for your nice comment.


  9. Deanne Wilkinson

    What a beautiful gallery – I’m just starting out with PMC and have enjoyed looking at your wonderful pieces. Thanks for the inspiration!


  10. fernald244

    Thanks Deanna! I think you will love PMC. I really do. I just got back from the Art Clay conference, and those people love that form of metal clay. I think the two kinds are comparable. The techniques translate to either form. I prefer PMC, but that may be because its the silver clay I started with. Good luck!


  11. Barbara,
    Your work is absolutely stunning! Can you give me any type of price list or general idea of what you charge for your necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I really love what you do!

    Best regards,


  12. Hi! Wow, so fantastic to see what can be done with the humble beach stone. I had collected some beauties and had to move,so I tossed them. I so regret it!!!


  13. Helen

    I love your work espesially copper and bronze mix workes. I have try to get same kind effect with no result. You are really good!!!


    • fernald244

      Wow, thanks Helen. I need to get back to more of the copper and bronze work. There are changes happening rapidly in the new world of those base metal clays. It is hard to keep up! If you like copper and bronze, you might be interested in checking out the link to Hadar Jacobson’s Website. I also have a link to her blog on my front page. I use her bronze and copper clay powders and she is a huge inspiration for me.


  14. Vera Yamamoto

    Very unique beauties. If you havc a pricelist available at another site, please forward. Thanks. Glad I came upon while looking up Trevor’s Lobster book. Have a great day:)


    • fernald244

      Hi Vera,
      Thank you! I do not have a price list for the work on the Gallery page, but I have an Etsy site where I currently sell my work. I try to add to it regularly. Here is the link:
      I also have a link on the front page of my blog.
      By the way, my husband, Bruce, was the lobster fisherman who hired Trevor for a few years. He started writing the book during that time.


  15. refreshingly creative. Do you have sales points in Europe?


  16. amy b gillis

    Hi again Barbara, I was wondering if the ear wires you used on the hollow rock earrings are made be you or do you buy them already made? I have been trying to find some like them in sterling for quite some time now. Your site looks great!! Amy


    • Barb Fernald

      I buy the ear wires from a place called Abeada. They send out a monthly flyer, but they also have a Web site where you can actually see what you are ordering. Hmmm, makes me wonder why I still wait to order from their flyer! Duh. Here’s the page for the ear wires. I also buy most of my sterling silver beads from them. They let you combine sizes for the quantity break. So I can order 1000 3mm beads and then get the 1000 bead price for larger sizes even if I am only buying a few. Though, with the price of silver lately, I haven’t been buying many ss beads. xo B


  17. margaret - Maggie

    Dear Barbara- I LOVE ALL YOUR PIECES- truly they are amazing. Now with Two necklaces to my collection on to earrings. Your site is wonderful and those family photo’s !! PERFECT!!! Thank you for making the most beautiful pieces of art that is wearable.
    You have a wonderful eye and feel .
    is image 1565 still available??? GOTTA HAVE IT!!!


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Margaret,
      Thanks for all your kind words. The necklace image#1565 is one I made in August 2009, to provide a photograph of my work for an ad in Ornament magazine. Soon after, a friend of mine bought it for his wife. I have been making more of those silver clasps to use with some of my more recent silver and rock necklaces. One of the things I love about making these necklaces is that no two are alike. I usually make a batch of silver beads and just start pairing them with rocks I have already drilled. It can take me quite a while to find the combination I like. Right now I am low on silver beads and drilled rocks. (I am NOT low on undrilled rocks ha ha!) But, tomorrow is a fresh day in the studio.


  18. Congratulations! really all very beautiful and unique jewelry=)


  19. anonymityissimplicity

    Your pieces are great. I love your silver beads. I am also an avid beader myself and starting a sort of do it yourself beading (and other things) blog.


  20. Absolutely stunning creations! Can’t wait to treat myself for my birthday!


  21. I love the fact that you allow yourself to create pieces that aren’t always symmetrical…………..Very nice work


  22. JeanRamsey

    Hi Barb,
    (I am Stevie Q’s friend)
    Hi Barbara,
    Stevie told me that you took a glass lampwork class. Did you love it?
    I am having a great time with my torch! Taking another class on this Sun.
    Your recent photos are so great!
    By the way, I had my carpenter friend build a display like yours, for my last gallery show. It looked fab! (Thanks for the idea!)
    Enjoy the torch! Jean Ramsey


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Jean,
      I loved the lamp work class. It was so much fun. I would love to set up a glass torch of my own. I wish I could use the oxy/acetylene set up I already have for soldering, but…I understand acetylene is too hot and too dirty. The place in Rockland where I took the class has an open studio night on fridays, so I could use their torches and anneal my beads there for $10 an hour. It seems like a reasonable thing to try before investing much in my own system. But I could be hooked really easily!! It was a blast.
      I’m glad the display idea worked out for you. Where can I see your work?


  23. Leslie

    Hi Barb – it’s Jonatha’s stepdaughter, Leslie. I lost one from a pair of your earrings :-( My absolute favorite pair that I bought on the island several years ago. If I email you a photo, can you make me another one?

    Hope all is well with you, Bruce and kids. We miss Maine terribly – haven’t visited in about 4 years. Lots of great memories!


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Leslie,
      Why don’t you e-mail me a photo and I’ll get back to you on if it’s one I can still duplicate. Things are going well on the island. The usual crazy busy summer, but this year it seems to be going faster than ever. In 4 weeks our son Robin is getting married up here. Lot’s of planning and the countdown is on. In four weeks we’ll have a daughter!
      I hope you and your family are all doing well.


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  25. Kristine Robinson

    Hi Barbara
    How do you drill a hole through your rocks to make a bead? I drill (grind) lots of rocks….top hole, side holes, middle holes……but through the rock…how do you do it…..laser drill?


  26. Very beautiful and elegant work!


  27. David Currier

    Aloha. Just trying to contact Bruce. He and I attended Lee Academy in 1966-67.


  28. Barbara London

    OMG, Barb! Your jewelry is absolutely stunning!!! I am here with Lisa Sattinger and she told me of your amazing talent.
    So nice to hear about you!

    Barb London


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