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So thankful for…(but not necessarily in this order)

…healthy happy sons….the best husband in the world,  even after 31 years…the opportunity to live on a quiet tiny island in Maine…lobsters…the Japanese person who first figured out how to make silver in clay form…really terrific friends…my brother visiting for Thanksgiving….my health…a house that heats with wood and plenty of trees around…great in-laws…island weddings…my sobriety…internet that is maybe not fast, but faster than dial-up…books…good food…the ability to create…humor.

Of course there is so much more. Gratitude is something to think about more than one day a year, and I do.


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Working steadily…

…for two events next week. I just finished a necklace to donate to the Ubuntu Education Fund for the silent auction at their big gala in NYC next Thursday.  From their Web site:

11 November 2010: Ubuntu Gala: I am because you are (New York, NY)   Please join Ubuntu Education Fund as we celebrate over 11 years of progress in the townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Our Master of Ceremonies, Malaak Compton-Rock, will host an evening of music, food, and fun. Two students from Port Elizabeth will join us and South African-born musicians Vusi Mahlasela and Dave Matthews will perform.

What an honor to donate one of my pieces to this worthy cause. It is also an honor to be attending as guests of our friends Dan and Cynthia Lief, parents of Ubuntu’s founder, Jake. ( Two images of the necklace, because I didn’t have any more time to try for a better shot. My usual amateur photographer’s lament!) The 18″ necklace consists of fine silver hollow beads, formed from silicone molds of Islesford beach pebbles.

The other event next week is the trunk show at the home of my friend Val in Greenwich, CT, on November 13.  After setting up to try to capture the Ubuntu necklace, I took a few shots of some  pieces I’ll have with me at the show. The bracelets below, made of rubber and fresh water pearls were a breeze to photograph. I got what I wanted in one shot, whereas I took about 40 different shiny bead necklace shots and still did not get what I wanted. (Yes, this winter I will have some professional photos taken and I know just the photographer I would like to work with!)

A sterling silver bracelet design from my past, makes a new presentation at the trunk show.




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Coming up soon….

Trunk Show 2010

Click for details.

(Why I can’t just copy and paste this flyer onto my blog is beyond me! Obviously.)

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