Power outage, Thanksgiving, and a visiting baby.

What a storm we had here on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. There were wind gusts up to 87 m.p.h. and the lights started to blink around 6 p.m. I was with my friend Sonja and her 4 week old baby Finn, inviting them to dinner and a possible sleep over if the power went out. Her husband Bill was stranded off the island when the last boat of the day was cancelled. As Sonja was grabbing the diaper bag, the power went out. We arrived chez Fernald to find the generator just being turned on and Bruce and Fritz cooking up a great meal. The power came back for a few hours, but as the wind got stronger,  Sonja decided to stay. Finn’s first sleep over! The power went out again around midnight. When Bill came home the next day, he moved in too. Power came back at 11 a.m. on Thanksgiving, just in time for cooking turkeys for late afternoon meals. Somehow we managed to squeeze 20 people in our dining room, a new record. 

Living in a beautiful spot,  good friends and family who are flexible enough to change plans at the last minute with a sense of humor, spectacular cooks…I am very grateful. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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