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Copper Clay

First foray into copper clay. It feels a little more “rubbery” than the bronze clay. I finally understand about how these clays shrink while drying, even before they are fired. On the square beads, I made the sides first, let them dry, then used copper clay paste to attach the wet top and bottom. As they dried, the tops cracked. Only one bead dried without cracking. Next time I will attach dry tops to dry sides.


Copper clay beads before firing. 

The beads were not shiny or metallic looking after they were fired. But they polished up well with Fabulustre and the buffing wheel. I really like the color, and can’t wait to try more with both the bronze and copper clays. But first, off to New York for two days!


Copper beads after firing. Unpolished and polished.

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