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Sunday was an Eerie Day

with all of the storm surge from Hurricane Bill. We had no rain or high winds, but very high tides and high seas. ¬†Everyone on the island was out and about at 1:30 p.m. (high tide) Checking the waves from Gilley Beach, to the Coast Guard Beach, to Marsh Head, to Bunker’s Cove. Most of the fishermen moved their traps to deeper water before the storm hit, but traps an buoys churned around in places no one expected.

There is no way to capture the power of the waves in a photograph. Although I gave it a try. What amazes me in looking at these photos is that the sky is just as wild as the water, but none of us looked up to notice!

The first two photos look toward Marsh head, taken from my Pentax. The next three were taken at high tide and down loaded from my FlipVideo camera.



Untitled 0 03 36-19

We were standing in the woods to get this shot of waves breaking well aboverthe high tide mark.

Untitled 0 01 48-24

Untitled 0 00 22-27


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