Before painting…

…I finished some necklaces to drop off at Alone Moose Gallery in Bar Harbor.




Back home on Islesford, in time for the start of the plein air painting workshop. Everyone met over lunch at the Islesford Dock Restaurant. Painter and instructor Henry Isaacs makes some opening remarks.


Henry and his sidekick Ashley Bryan talk about oil paints.


First critiques:



I’ll admit to being way out of my comfort zone with oil paint, or any kind of paint for that matter. Some of the frustrating moments made me want to come right home and get out a fresh package of metal clay. But on the way home from dinner, with the full moon peeking out from the clouds, I was much more aware of the shapes and colors in the sky. I really look forward to day 2 of the workshop.


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3 responses to “Before painting…

  1. holly

    oh, lucky, lucky you!!! i’ve always wanted to take a plein air painting class…and what a beautiful day you had! and there’s ashley, looking exactly how i imagined him!
    hey, post your paintings tomorrow!


  2. fernald244

    I know! The weather was amazing. More of the same for tomorrow.
    We’ll see if I’m brave enough to post my paintings. If I’m not, I’ll post some of the others. (No I won’t pretend they’re mine!)
    A week ago I didn’t think I was going to take the workshop. Fun to be able to do it AND still sleep at home!


  3. susie

    Love the pearl and stone necklace. So soft looking.

    Pls. post today’s work—–your work!


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