Le troisieme jour de plein air

Look what washed up on the beach in front of the Twinney House.


Henry critiquing Ashley critiquing Charlie.


Group shot before last critique.


After lunch the workshop was officially over, but quite a few people returned to Gilley Beach to paint some more. Henry finally gets to paint one of his own.


Zoe. Totally undaunted by painting on the largest canvas she has ever tried.


After feeling totally daunted by my first painting of the morning, deciding all it needed was a smile painted across the bottom to look like a Muppet instead of a landscape, I tried a different approach as Henry announced 15 minutes were left until we would gather for the last critique, and then lunch. This is not necessarily finished, but I like the starting point.


Tomrrow, the jewelry studio. AAAHHHH!


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2 responses to “Le troisieme jour de plein air

  1. holly

    oh, yeah. love that strong horizontal…very peaceful composition!


  2. fernald244

    Thanks Holly. I was feeling anything but peaceful at the time!
    I woke up this morning continuing this painting in my head. Also will photograph the “muppet head” landscape before I go back to it, to finish it some day. I will not post THAT one until it looks very different!


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