Common Ground Fair

My friend Wanda and I took the day to go to the Common Ground Fair, organized by the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association in Unity, Maine. Great crafts, great food, amazing vegetables, and some spectacular……..chickens!


I want some yarn the color of these lower feathers…



Who knew the tasty Cornish game hen had such beautiful black and gold feathers?


What if you tried to give a perm to a pigeon?


This one was just plain scary looking to me!


Some produce booths were more artistic than others. Loved this one with its Chinese lantern and corn stalk walls.



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3 responses to “Common Ground Fair

  1. holly

    god, i love livestock! those chickens are beautiful!


  2. Susan White

    I have got to go to that fair sometime!!! Loved the chicks..and the produce booth!!


  3. fernald244

    Hey Susan, you would love it!! So would Chris. There is so much going on, we couldn’t really get to it all and make it back for a 6p.m. boat. Most of the area seems pretty scooter-friendly as long as you can ride on grass.


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