Working on some Etsy photos…







I did not notice until I was done, that my new digital camera was not set on the highest quality setting. I took these photos taking at night in my kitchen with the Ott light and no diffuser. (Except for the silver pair of earrings. Those photos were taken using a milk jug over the top to diffuse the light.)  I find it hard to make time to take photographs of my work. But, unless I get better at making time for the photos, the blog goes stale and the Etsy page gets put off for another week…or so! (I’m pretty happy with my little black stick for the earrings. Its a great prop. A piece of driftwood, colored with black magic marker.)


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4 responses to “Working on some Etsy photos…

  1. holly

    yay! welcome back!
    these photos are great…very etsy-worthy!
    i love your prop, too-nice and elegant…never would have guessed it was markered!
    did you finish any necklaces for the gallery?


    • fernald244

      Hi Holly,
      Working on some necklaces today. The gallery in Bar Harbor is only open for another week, so…maybe I’ll drop some off tomorrow when I am in B.H. Depends on what I can accomplish this afternoon.
      Hey, I liked the stick you used for one of your Etsy photos, so I wanted one of my own. Gotta love a Magic Marker!


  2. Susan White

    Great pics and nice jewelry. Think of all the time you’ll have to develop the Etsy site!!


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