Trunk show in Greenwich!

Saturday, October 31.  10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

At the home of my friend Val Storms.

19 Burying Hill Road

Greenwich, Connecticut.

Need directions? Call Val at 203 661-5948

Hope to see you there!

Here are some of the earrings I’ll have with me:



The earrings above are designed to reverse from this to this:








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6 responses to “Trunk show in Greenwich!

  1. holly

    are the 4th earrings down from the top spheres?
    hey, if i can escape from family life, can i come to the trunk show? if i can’t get away, maybe we can set something else up….
    btw, the earrings look GREAT…all of them!


    • fernald244

      Hi Holly,
      The 4th earrings down are not quite spheres. More like a lozenge shaped bead but with a curved top and bottom. Does that make sense? They are great fidgiting earrings. The wire has a ball on the inside, holding it in place. You can slide the earring up and down on the wire. Can’t make it stay anywhere, but is fun to slide up and down and just keep playing with.
      How far are you from Greenwich?


  2. holly

    oh, probably an hour and 10 minutes or so….i might be able to get out in the morning…afternoon and evening will be tricky because of soccer and halloweenie…
    i love fidgety earrings!


  3. Susan White

    Ooooh! Can’t wait ’til the craft sale in in BH to see these close up!!


  4. susie

    I’ll take ten of the earrings on the right side on the first picture and seven from the fourth picture.xo


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