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Geometry at Sunset

My camera battery was too low for the deep red sunset on Saturday night, so I headed to the Sand Beach tonight, determined to catch something in these boat house windows. The colors were different, but I was still rewarded with a pretty spectacular sun set.  For all of my work with rocks and their organic shapes, my sketches turn to straight lines, spirals, triangles and circles. My late afternoon trip to the beach was inspiring.

Check out the parallel lines of clouds and beach.

As I was headed home, I looked down at my feet to notice that there were arcs and circles all along the top of the beach. They reminded me of crop circles. The light was pretty well gone, and the flash flattened them out too much, but I got enough of a shot to give the idea of how they looked. Can you tell how these were made?  (Hint: It was really windy yesterday.)

Yup. I know. I’m very lucky to live here.

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