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A frosty start to a day off-island

9 a.m. Northeast Harbor. This is what I saw on the rear window of my car, and on those parked next to mine. As my fellow islanders scraped their car windows in preparation for a day of errands off-island, I grabbed my camera and opted for a later start. By 9:20 the rime had melted.

At the day’s end, a boat ride home with a striking sky.

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Post-Christmas report on pre-Christmas activities

Kaitlyn Duggan, an Islesford potter,  hosted a combined open house and ornament-making party on Dec. 20th. She invited me to participate with my jewelry and we each had some last-minute shoppers.  In the midst of a snowstorm, many of our friends came to Kaitlyn’s winter studio (a.k.a. the summer studio of sculptor Philip Grausman) to eat some goodies and make ornaments out of old Christmas cards. It was a pretty swell time, and a break from rushing around to get other things done before the rest of the holiday.

(oops! This is what happens if you try dragging a photo from someone’s Facebook page!)

Ashley was especially excited with his result, but I’m not sure what Kaitlyn is holding!

More happy results and a secret….

Second from the left is Stephanie Austin, the girlfriend of my son Robin Fernald who is third from left. The secret is that in this picture, Stephanie is actually Robin’s fiancee. He had asked her to marry him earlier in the day, on the beach during the snowstorm, and they announced it to us later that night at dinner. We are delighted that she said “yes.”


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