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A quick stop in Freeport

I can’t help it. Island living is fine for buying jewelry supplies from a catalog, but when I actually get out of town I try to go through Freeport,  because it’s a blast to spend some time at the Beadin’ Path.  I usually have about a half hour to spare and my mind goes into design overdrive as I try to imagine what I will need to buy for future projects. Their inventory is  colorful and diverse, and I feel so much more creative in that moment of spending! It makes the rest of the drive, back to wherever, go very quickly. This time there were some resin beads that I had not seen before.

If only I had unlimited time to create,  I would love to try making my own funky shapes of resin beads. (and I would like to try lamp working, and I would like to know more about beading with seed beads, and I would like to get back to doing something really different with polymer clay….) I mentioned something to this effect as the sales person was ringing up  $200 MORE that I had planned to spend. She looked at me oddly and said, “you mean you’d like to know how to make every kind of bead in the store, and then use it?!” Um, yeah. In a perfect world maybe. Oh those ideas that percolate for “some day…”

I’ve already started a necklace of the orangey flat resin beads, the triangular shaped bluish beads and the deep rose round beads, mixed with some pearls. I think a double strand, knotted, would make a striking necklace to wear with a white shirt and jeans.

I’m ready to get down to work, but we’re headed for Baltimore on Thursday. We’ll get to stay with our son Robin and his fiancée Stephanie, and we’ll met up with her parents Tim and Cathy. It sounds like fun and I’m happy to go. (I’ll be bringing a sketch book for the jewelry ideas that come flying at me, knowing that I will really have some good time available in the studio at the start of February.)


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