Just one of those days

This morning I was so excited to be home on the island for three full days; looking at finally settling down to work in the studio. Time to make some clasps and come up with some new designs. But there were phone calls to catch up on after being away, and the 2009 tax info to finish gathering, both mine for my jewelry business and Bruce’s for his lobster business. (Why didn’t I put learning to use Excel or something like it on my list of resolutions? )  Blech. All those numbers and details, and phone conversations. Time consuming in a way I detest.

By the time I got to work in the studio it was after 2 p.m. I sat at my super clean bench and tried to come up with some simple toggle clasp designs. Damned if I didn’t get those little loops in the wrong place, and I just hated everything I made. As I started to finally get settled down, Bruce wanted to go for a walk before it got dark. Yes, I needed some exercise, and I love my walks with my husband, but the fresh air did nothing for my mood, and my walk today was more like going for a stomp. (I’m amazed this man had the patience to walk next to me!)

It is fun to blog about things when they are going well. But on a day like this, when I read other people’s blogs, I feel like I am a total loser who never made a decent piece of jewelry in her life! Who am I to think I can do this?

So, how do I pull something good out of one of those  yucky days? I think the trick is to be a little easier on myself. It wasn’t a whole day, it was just two hours. That was half the problem. I had envisioned much more time to work on my “own” things, so having just two hours was frustrating. Tomorrow morning I will have a fresh start at 8 or 9 a.m. and I’ll have some new sketches to work from. Hmmm…sketches I drew as a result of my  failures this afternoon…. Most likely I will be able to stay in the studio for the whole day, and then really enjoy my walk in the late afternoon. I will also let the answering machine do its job until at least after lunch so I don’t lose time on the phone.

Yup. Today was just one of those days. And if you were having one too, then I’m in good company. Let’s get a good night’s sleep and try for a better day  tomorrow. Misery may love company, but it is also optional.


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2 responses to “Just one of those days

  1. Carmen

    Jeeeeeez Barb. Shit happens, Art happens, and when shit and art happen at the same time it is never good. Forced creativity??????I have never had much luck with that. And who is that intimidating art critic standing over your shoulder? Ease up on yourself, unplug the phone, music, candles, cup of tea, smut novel, whatever. I don’t know about you but I almost have to trick myself into thinking creativity is not important before things begin to flow. Kinda reminds me of trying to put a horse in a horse trailer when it is unsure about that horse trailer (surely there is a mt lion inside). Any sign that you are in a hurry to get them in the trailer and you can forget going riding for the afternoon. Tie them to the fence and let the watch you get ready and act like you almost forgot to put them in and they will load right up. That is my unsolicited advice for the day. …have a good one.


  2. holly

    is the sun shining today? how does it smell outside? sometimes one full, clean breath of outside air (as deep as i can pull it in), released sloooooowwwwwwlllllly can turn me around….. you are a great inspiration to me…all i have to say is thank god you’re not perfect!


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