Visual for my friend Holly

All of the 14 gauge rings (in the back) fused.  But they are too chunky for me right now. (Soon to be hammered and become some stand-by necklace or earring element.)  The rings in front are 18 gauge wire, I then hammered them with one or two strikes. The ones that didn’t fuse broke right apart at the seam.  The others…usable, but OMG they weren’t perfect on my first try! (Ha ha) If I had tried 20 gauge, it would have melted for sure.  Yup. The 16 gauge will be the one to try. Practice should help too.


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2 responses to “Visual for my friend Holly

  1. holly

    my 20 gauge looked like that, too! thanks for the visual! now, after you made the loops and clipped them, you must have filed the 2 surfaces flat, yes? and then wiggled them till they were in contact with one another? i do have some 16 gauge…i’ll try it this weekend….


    • fernald244

      I wound some wire around a dowel. It looked like a spring. Then I cut through the spring with my saw, to make the jump rings. That way I didn’t need to file them flat, just matched up the edges for a tight fit. If I cut them with pliers/nippers I would have had to file the ends of the wire flat before matching them up.
      Just found a small piece of 16 ga. so I’ll try that too.


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