A late afternoon walk on the beach… …

…made me forget whatever was bothering me earlier today. As the tide went out, miniature rivers showed up in the sand; their banks catching the  light of the setting sun. Balm for the soul.


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4 responses to “A late afternoon walk on the beach… …

  1. Susan White

    Nice…send it to the paper!


  2. holly

    beautiful photos….i’ve been gone all weekend and miss my regular life (checking in with you, working in the studio)…that photo of yours of the “trees” makes me want to run into the studio…
    work scenario is quite unstable right now..15 high school teachers lost their jobs(for next year)last friday….nervous about what i will be teaching next year (yes, so thankful that i will still HAVE a job)…


    • fernald244

      Thanks Holly and Susan, (and Sarah!) What is weird about the “trees” is that they look raised in the photograph, when actually they were recessed in the sand.
      Wow, Holly. Glad you didn’t get cut. 15 jobs??!!
      Hope you don’t have to teach math…..


  3. holly

    no kidding…..


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