Daily Archives: July 22, 2010

Once upon a time…

…I made many, many beads from polymer clay. And I have many, many still on hand. Sometimes they call to me from high on a shelf in my studio, “Remember us? Don’t you want to play with us again?”

So, I gave it a whirl with updated versions of some necklaces I used to make.  I’ve run into several people lately who were wearing earlier versions of these designs. They all said, “You know, I still get comments on this necklace.”  I thought I would try a few on my Etsy site and in some of my summer time galleries. It might be a step backward, but I keep dreaming about polymer clay and all of the new techniques that are around since I made these beads 15 years ago. Maybe playing with these beads will head me in a new direction of polymer clay beads to combine with metal clay.


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