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Workshop in Vermont

I am in the middle of a 4 day class to learn about polymer inlay in metal clay. It is so interesting to be working with polymer again after such a long time away from it. Celie Fago is a great teacher and it is a treat to learn her tear-away technique to add to my sources of textures for metal clay. In this workshop, however, we are also texturing polymer clay with the tear-away sheets and then enhancing the designs with acrylic paint.  Yikes! Two workshops that involve paint and color in two weeks time. I am no more comfortable with paint this time than I was in Henry and Ashley’s oil painting workshop. But being uncomfortable does not prevent learning and I am taking it in even if I am complaining while I do it.

It is a stretch for me to put myself in two workshop situations so close together. There is a progression of feelings I should have recognized from 2 weeks ago, but I forgot that it is like this for me. For the first two days of learning something new in a group, I look around and think everyone else’s work is better than mine. I hate what I am doing and wonder if I will ever use what I am learning because I am so uncomfortable doing it. I hate painting, I don’t understand color, blah, blah blah!

But I love the people in the class, and I really enjoy Celie’s relaxed teaching style and sense of humor. I know from experience that at some point I will find the edge of a new comfort zone, even if I have not entered it fully.

So, this morning I’m making a conscious effort to embrace the whole process, self diagnosed failure and all. A fresh start for Monday.

Tear-away being demonstrated.

Conditioned polymer clay:

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