Portable plein air Henry

Happy Birthday to our friend Henry Isaacs who celebrated his “landmark” birthday, yesterday,  at the Islesford Dock Restaurant. His children, Olive, Simon and Zoe, and his wife Donna, organized a major surprise party with friends and relatives; some coming from as far away as the left coast.

I really wanted to be at the party. But I really felt crappy with some stomach-y, body ache-y, flu type thing. The irony was that because I felt so lousy, I didn’t move far from the couch all day, which gave me time to make a gift.  Had I felt better I would have been in the studio or the garden. Instead, I sat still and needle felted a “portable plein air Henry.”


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10 responses to “Portable plein air Henry

  1. gail grandgent

    Love your Plein Air Henry ! Especially the paint on his pants !


  2. What a wonderful gift!


  3. A woman of so many talents! Love him!


  4. WOW! You really do have many talents! Love him!


  5. Donna

    Best gift EVER!!!! True to the plaid on the red woolly Johnson’s jacket!


  6. holly kellogg

    LOVE IT!
    (catching up after my LONG-lovely- trip)


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