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Who has time to blog??

Yikes, summer is very very busy on a little island in Maine. Just as I was thinking of finally getting around to writing something, I noticed that my friend and neighbor, Ted, is of a similar mind. I’ve been squeezing in studio time and all manner of other things, whenever I can. It is hard to convey  just what it feels like to live on an island where so many friends, from so many places, arrive for a finite number of vacation days.

If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, then all work and all play makes Jack a year round resident of the Cranberry Isles. It is exhilarating and exhausting to try to keep up with it all, and yet we do it every year.

Here’s just a fragment of what I’ve been doing in the last 2 weeks:

Giving a bread making lesson to my famous brother. (More about that in a future blog. His fame, not the bread.)

Dinners at the Islesford Dock Restaurant where stupendous sunsets are part of the menu.

Dinner on a rainy evening with a view from a different side of the island.

Meeting up with cousins who arrived on the day of the July Maypole festivities in the Town Field.

Getting to the beach one afternoon, so far.

Buying plants at Surry Gardens, for three different projects, with my friend Susie. We literally could not fit one more plant in her Volvo.

Replanting this garden with hydrangeas and rose bushes from the trip.

(In September, my son Robin and his fiancee Stephanie will be married in the front yard of this house. Plans for the wedding are keeping all of us busy.)

Learning just how helpful these little wire ties are if you want to make your own trellis for an enthusiastic mandevilla plant.

And,  fitting in time to tend my own garden of perennials and vegetables.

Tomorrow is my mother’s 86th birthday. I’m taking her lobster salad for lunch and I just finished making chocolate mousse to take for dessert. Who has time to blog?


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