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Bizarre winter ritual on mailboat ride

Just before sunset, on the shortest day of the year,

and after he had punched all the tickets and collected all the fares,

Paul Hewes grabbed hold of the sun…

….and ATE it!

Happy Solstice!


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Twelve pounds of granola,

three loaves of cranberry nut bread, and a pretty easy chocolate candy recipe that was both pretty and easy. (I also finished up my wrapping, so it was a darn good day!)

I learned about this when my friend Carla posted it on her blog. It looked so fun and easy I just had to give it a try. All it took was 3 bars of Ghiradelli white chocolate, and 3 bars of Ghiradelli dark chocolate. Line a cookie sheet with parchment, break chocolate into squares, place on parchment alternating the light and dark squares. Place in a 225° oven for just 5 minutes. Take the sheet out and swirl the chocolates into each other. The sprinkle with sea salt and chopped nuts. (Oops. I forgot the nuts, oh well. It still tasted good.) Cool in the refrigerator until the chocolates harden, then break into pieces. It’s better to store it in the refrigerator, too, since  the chocolate tends to stay a little soft.

Thanks Carla!!


Hmmm…are any of my crafty friends thinking, “When was the last time I marbelized some paper?”  Trish…remember, “Marbelize the world!?”


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