Daily Archives: March 14, 2012

String me along

Today was a cold rainy dreary day in Maine. Great for working in the studio, but the light was lousy for taking photographs. Obviously.

I had a necklace, strung¬†with beach rocks on knotted waxed cotton, that needed to be restrung. I wasn’t satisfied with the way I had finished the knots on the clasp, and I wanted to incorporate some silver discs.

I was much happier with the results above. Knotting cord or string is so different from using crimp beads to finish off wire. I find it challenging, but I learn more about it every time I do it.

Once I come up with a result I like, whether on a necklace or an elastic bracelet, there is one important last step to use on any knot.

Glue. Always add a drop of glue to any finishing knot. I especially like this glue by G-S. It has a needle applicator which makes it extremely easy to apply to a small area. I’m never without it in my studio.



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