Daily Archives: June 28, 2012

“Bring the nuns!”

My friend Miklos stopped by yesterday to borrow my sewing machine. As he was leaving we were startled by a huge beetle on my front porch.

I mean, he was reallyreally big!

Miklos is an artist who has taught me never to go anywhere without my camera.

I’d like to add to that. Never go anywhere without your camera and some kind of prop in your pocket. As I raced inside to get my camera, Miklos called, “Where are your nuns? Bring the nuns!”

They were exactly what we needed for this situation.

Once I identified the bug with the help of Google, I called the state entomologist to see if it was an invasive species and if I needed to do anything about it. (Like kill it and send it somewhere. Yeesh. I was hoping to avoid that.) He asked if we had a  lot of pine or spruce trees around and said that they like to hang out near those. “They’re kind of big and scary, but they’re harmless. It’s the longhorn beetles that are very shiny that we have to worry about.”

Still, I was glad to have some nuns on hand.


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