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Soup hangover

I have been staying up late for the last few nights trying to visit all of the Bead Soup blog participants listed in my last post. Today it caught up with me. There’s no rule that says I have to look at all of the blogs; I just don’t want to miss anything. So much wonderful work by so many talented artists. It is quite humbling and inspiring. I recommend you take a look. (But don’t stay up all night to do it.)

Meanwhile, I spent my day baking bread, and bread and bread which always a centering activity for me. Tomorrow is the Islesford Fair, and I like to make a contribution to the baked goods table. It was funny how I used two different sourdough recipes today, and all of the bread came out incredibly flat. I wonder if it’s the humidity or what. The bread still tastes fine. (No flatness in the flavor!) I also made a batch of almond chocolate chip shortbread cookies, with rice flour so they would be gluten free. I happen to tolerate gluten just fine, but I feel bad for the folks who can’t, especially at a bake sale.

The Islesford Fair is a cool celebration and fund raising event to benefit the non-profit groups connected to our little island. Different booths and activities benefit different groups.  I think the baked goods benefit the Islesford Neighborhood House. There are usually t-shirts to raise $ for the fire department. Books to raise $ for the Historical Society, sales of hot dogs and hamburgers benefit the Congregational Church, and so on. There is a LOT going on there, so if you’re in the area on Tuesday, hop on the mail boat or the Cranberry Cove boat and check out the fair.

There is also a silent auction to which I donate jewelry every year. My piece this year goes to benefit the Acadia Family Center’s Nathan Bright Keegan Memorial Education Fund. It is a cause near and dear to my heart. I took a few photos of the necklace before  dropping it off today.

Now I’m going to see if I can get to bed before 11. More helpings of soup will have to wait until tomorrow, after the fair.



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