Moss on the dock…


…and lichen.


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6 responses to “Moss on the dock…

  1. hey, how did you steal that top photo from my memory card?! i took the EXACT SAME picture!!! xoxo


    • Barb Fernald

      I probably took it after I saw you taking it. When I finally slowed down enough to see it! How’s your week of re-entry?


      • very crazy (drove to hartford to hear a friend read from his book of poetry last night)….looking forward to the weekend-it’s a 4-dayer because of the jewish holidays……aaaaahhhhhhh…..


      • Barb Fernald

        Sounds crazy. I hope your weekend is relaxing. Last week at this time we were just having breakfast at the dock…
        and now it’s really fall.


  2. Great photo! Today your blog came through just fine! Happy!


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