To get back into practice…

…of blogging more often, I started to sort through my photos tonight, looking for something to post. I came across this great blue heron that I saw on one of my early morning walks in the summer of 2011.

This is a special bird to me for many reasons. I love seeing them return to the island in April, and I miss seeing them in October when they have headed south.

That’s all I’ve got for a Saturday night.


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3 responses to “To get back into practice…

  1. Judging from the pictures you share, I believe you live in Heaven….beautiful! Hope you are feeling better!


  2. A short but decidedly sweet post! I always enjoy the photos of the island.
    I hope you’re feeling better and better each day.


  3. Love the photo and the glimpses of your island life. I think that bird winters here, in Houston. There are several herons and egrets around the lake in my neighborhood and I’m always moved by their gracefulness.


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