Holiday review in a flash of photos

Leaving the island on  the 6:30 a.m. boat, the day before the solstice:


Stephanie arrives home from work, 2 minutes after our arrival in Baltimore, so she could  be there for our first view of the new house:


Their living room with a Christmas tree in the sun room:


Christmas Eve day. Bruce did laundry and managed to put my camera through the washing machine. (I had left it in my pocket, and Bruce gets huge credit and appreciation for doing laundry that was necessary since I had come down with a stomach bug.That’s all I’m saying about that.) The camera fell out as he was about to put the clothes in the dryer and he was so dismayed until I saw him and said, “Is that all? The camera is waterproof! I’m sure it’s fine.” And it was. See the relief on his face as I took a picture with my fresh clean camera? (That’s my focus issue, not the camera’s.)


Robin and Stephanie making lobster raviolis for Christmas Eve dinner in their tiny tiny kitchen. It’s really the only challenging, ready-to-be-improved part of their whole house:


Fritz and Robin work on the sauce for the raviolis:


The trip home involved giving Fritz a ride to Portland, along with his brother’s old dining room table. We literally took cookies out of a large tupperware container and left it behind because there wasn’t a pinch of extra room!!


Bad weather was predicted, but we didn’t hit snow until we crossed the Maine border. 1 foot of snow greeted us in Portland. The lights on the trees in Longfellow Square still looked pretty. Portland has lights like this, all over the city, that stay lit during the long winter nights.


These lights are just across from the restaurant Petite Jacqueline, where we met with Bruce’s sister Kelly and her partner Al, and his mom (aka my favorite mother-in-law).


It felt SO good to get home on the 28th. I never take for granted how lucky I am to have such a wonderful place to come home to. Approaching Little Cranberry Island from the “Double B” is a welcome sight.


One night after our return, we were treated to our own little snow storm. 17″ fell overnight!


Bruce and I are snuggled in for a quiet New Year’s Eve. Possibly going to bed before midnight. We’re both fighting a wicked nasty cold which changed our plans to have friends over for dinner tonight. No worries. We’ll soon be on to better and brighter things in the new  year.

Wishing all of our friends and family a happy start to a new year full of health, prosperity and peace.


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12 responses to “Holiday review in a flash of photos

  1. Jill Goldthwait

    Ha! Tis the year to stay in and go to bed! All the cool guys are doing it. A very happy new year to you both. G’night! Jill and Sheldon


  2. Loved seeing all your photos Barb! So sorry you’re feeling under the weather — stomach bug followed by cold? Nasty! Can you tell me what camera you have? I need a new “pocket cam” and love how all your pics come out. And being waterproof is a definite plus (that was the big selling point of my current one, which takes terrible pictures). Best to Bruce, and feel better!


    • Barb Fernald

      Hi Lisa,
      Happy New Year!! I’m ready to feel better, that’s for sure.
      My camera is a Pentax Optio W80. It fits in my pocket, is waterproof, shockproof, and dust proof. It was just what I needed to throw in my pocket any time I want. (or even in the wash!) It’s a pretty good camera. Not much for a zoom though.


  3. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday (except for your flu – hope you are better!) Love their tree in the sunroom – what a presence! Your pictures are wonderful – thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!


  4. Susan White

    Great pictures Barb. Lovely house. That was an amazing story about thee camera! Hope you’re both feeling better by now. We also went to bed before 12 and we weren’t sick! We’ve been pollinating flowers on the lemon tree. How’s yours doing?


    • Barb Fernald

      Buzz buzz buzz! I’ve been pollinating my blossoms too! It’s going to be so exciting to watch the lemons develop. Did you start fertilizing your plant at any point last year? When Dan and Cynthia saw the plant, they were very jealous. Probably have already ordered one from somewhere!
      We’re getting better, but a little too slowly. Stay away from this cold if you can! It’s a bear.


      • Susan White

        buzz buzz…Michael Zuck, who gave me the plant told me to fertilize once a month. I am just so happy that mine recovered from the mites.I may have to take it to GCI this summer to keep an eye on it. I think it got too hot in the house and the heat stressed it out.
        Get better..and stay warm…Chris left for the loaf today bit will be back Fri…it will be warmer then and we are venturing out to see “Lincoln” at the Alamo.xo


  5. Thank you so much for sharing your little corner of the world. I love vicariously enjoying your snowy island life with your beautiful family. Happy New Year!


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