Quick storm update

Wow. No photos even! Our internet receiver for the island was knocked out in the storm last night. There are hopes to have it back in service by Tuesday. We’re lucky to still get a signal at the Neighborhood House through the Islesford Library, but right now the L. is closed and the building is unheated. I’m writing from a very cold room, but grateful that we have kept our electrical power throughout the storm.


No record snowfalls on the island though we did get about 14″. It’s hard to tell because there has been so much blowing and drifting. One house on Great Cranberry Island clocked the wind at 112mph around 2 a.m.

Maybe I’ll make sure to get to the library tomorrow for more of an update. They have heat and are open from 1 to 3 on Sunday. It will probably be a record crowd!!

Hope everyone survived the storm okay.


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3 responses to “Quick storm update

  1. LeAnn

    Good to hear from you, Barb, and even better to hear that you are weathering the storm. Sending you warm thoughts!


  2. I’m glad that you’re making it through the storm rather well. That strong wind is concerning, though…


  3. I was thinking about you – thanks for the update! I wish you the best!


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