Sue Kennedy’s beads!

I love combining interesting handmade beads with my own beads. Especially lampworked glass beads. I wish I had the time and the set up to do it myself but that’s a whole other learning curve that I’m not ready to approach. And why do I need to when I can buy amazing beads from Sue Kennedy at SueBeads?

Sue’s blog  is in the list, on the right, of the blogs I follow regularly. Whenever I look at her Etsy Shop I see something I want or need or both!

Here are the beads I have my eye on to buy next.  I can’t decide between that set or this one.  (There’s a good chance I’ll go right from posting this blog to her Etsy shop to buy them.) Because I like a matte finish on the beads I combine with my own beach rocks and silver beads, I usually ask Sue to etch them for me before sending them. She has always been willing and gracious about doing it and she ships very quickly. 

This style is my new favorite:IMGP4387

See how the etched finish makes them look like a treasure I just found on the beach?



Sue’s beads enhancing my beads:IMGP4450 IMGP4406 IMGP4430

When I buy Sue’s egg-shaped beads, I ask her to also etch them. See the speckled eggs at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock?IMGP4395


The first beads I ever bought from Sue were the etched clear beads with trailings of fine silver. Her silvery long green focal beads have inspired me too. (Upper left of second photo.)

IMGP4061 IMGP0486


Right now Sue is featuring a great selection of her enameled rondelle beads in her Etsy shop. Last year I was randomly chosen to participate in a blog hop with these beads. Blog hops and challenges are a great way to shake up your creative juices.IMGP1501

Recently, I was looking for a knitting project I had stuffed into my mess of a linen/storage closet last December. Look what was in the bag with the yarn!



An order from Sue I had stashed away when the holiday madness was taking over. I don’t know why they never made their way into my studio. What a cool surprise to find them again, just when I need some new beads to work with as I add to my summer jewelry inventory. I believe the bumpy beads on the left were a little gift Sue added in with my order. While they are not the style I usually choose from Sue’s shop, I found them to be the perfect catalyst for a new earring design.IMGP4575


Do you have a favorite bead maker or Etsy shop that inspires you? Share the love!


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10 responses to “Sue Kennedy’s beads!

  1. I very recently declared Sue to be my favorite lampwork artist! I love how you have used her beads in your designs, especially that last pair of earrings! Your work is simply classic and beautiful!


  2. holly

    beautiful! your work and sue’s!


  3. Nice work Barb! Beautiful pieces here, you’ve been busy! The beads that you found stashed away from what I read at first was holy madness, but really it said holiday madness (same thing I guess) remind me of the delicate golden precision of dots on a monarch chrysalis. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and Sue beads!


    • I wish those were all recent pieces Kaitlyn. Time to make more. It’s a studio day for me. Maybe you’ll be laboring too…and not in your studio! Good luck. I’ll buy you a pineapple tomorrow!


      • haha, yes, maybe! So far I’ve been laboring only in the garden today. I’m already pretty wiped out so hopefully that’s all I’m in for today. A pineapple sounds wonderful, I’d love that! As for eating it all at once… we’ll see. :)


      • I will bring you a pineapple tomorrow little baby mama! If you go into labor I’ll call your baby “Piney!” Or maybe “PinPin.”


  4. LeAnn

    Beautiful! I love love those spiral beads and they are perfect with your stones and silver.


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