Getting ready for a show

2013 trunk show Greenwich


It involves things like  putting together and sending out an e-mail like this when I am SO challenged by desktop publishing stuff! Wish I could make the size bigger or have spent less than a whole morning trying to do this and making labels for post cards. Ah well, back to the studio where I am WAY more comfortable. Meanwhile…the day is so gorgeous it keeps calling me to go outside.


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9 responses to “Getting ready for a show

  1. Evelyn

    It is gorgeous and I am cooking for Harvest Supper and going to Tom’s first church service after his installation!


  2. Marci

    Hi barb, I get so many complements on my 2013 barb necklace.


    • Marci!! I’m coming to Baltimore! Show at Robin and Steph’s on Nov. 6 at 5 p.m. I’ll be sending you (et al) an e-mail soon. I’m going to drive down from Susie’s on Tuesday. Gotta see the new kitchen too!


  3. All administrative stuff, from accounting to marketing, is no fun for me, either! I feel technologically challenged in today’s world! Glad you are having gorgeous weather – we are on day 5 of constant rain! Hope your day in the studio was productive!


    • These days never feel as productive as they actually are. I did get outside for a walk at 4. Sorry your weather has been so crummy. Sure looks like you’ve been happy in the studio though!


  4. Zsash

    Wish I could come and shop! I get compliments every time I wear your most recent earrings – and all your others, too!


    • Oh man. I should come out and do a personal show just for you! It might make up for me being so embarrassingly out of touch. I think of you so often and wonder how you’re doing and never get around to e-mailing.
      Time for me to get off my butt and start communicating. xoxo


  5. Zsash

    Please don’t worry about that at all!!! It takes two to communicate and I’m just getting to it. I’m doing very well. Couldn’t be better actually! Feeling very lucky and appreciative. We’ll catch up soon.


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