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Quick trip to Boston

On Sunday, the day after Town Meeting, we got a windy ride off the island with Ted Spurling and a group of hardy souls who were headed off to church and for various other reasons. (There is no morning ferry on Sundays.) Thanks Ted!

IMGP6300 IMGP6299 IMGP6301

We had time enough on the way to the Bangor bus station for Bruce to check on his boat. Soon it will go inside to be cleaned and have the bottom painted and then another season of lobstering starts for Bruce.


We stayed with our friends Miklos and Clare who have a big apartment that is a 10 minute walk from where the seafood show is. How handy! But first, we went out for a great dinner at Spiedo on Sunday night.


The Seafood Expo North America is a pretty huge event  set up at the Boston Convention Center.


Everyone wants to talk to you about their product. There were seafood business from all over the world. (Including people who market Maine lobster.) You pretty much walk around and eat samples of all kinds of things and there are plenty of photo ops!

IMGP6313 IMGP6316 IMGP6338

Miklos is good at photo bombing!

IMGP6328 IMGP6339


The favorite booth for all of us was a brand new product from Israel. Pasta made from pollack. There is almost no flour in it, so very little carbohydrates, lots of protein, and an incredible flavor. We had several samples and hope that there were many interested U.S. buyers so that we might see it in the grocery stores before too long.

IMGP6322 IMGP6321 IMGP6323


Bruce chatted with a babe who worked for a web based advertising group.



I met a few interesting characters myself.




There was so much to see it was  all a bit overwhelming. We kind of wondered what this was for. Even when it was explained to us I’m still not sure. But I don’t think I’ll need one any time soon.

 IMGP6326 IMGP6327


When we’d had out fill of salmon and shrimp, we snuck into the Boston Food show next door and sampled plenty of prosciutto, parmesan, and all manner of other foods. No need for lunch. Bruce heads back for an industry cocktail party at 5:30, but I’ll just put my feet up. Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be back on the island and I’ll get back to work in the studio.



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