Time to set some traps


Bruce is out on the water as I am sitting in the library in N.E. Harbor, waiting for an appointment. Yesterday he asked if I’d take a photo of his lobster traps, ready to hit the water, to send to a fellow fisherman in Nova Scotia. Why not add them here as well, I thought. This is the first batch of what will eventually be 800 traps in the water. C’mon you hungry lobsters, start crawling!

What a relief to have a sunny warm (40’s) day with no wind. Finally feels like spring.


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2 responses to “Time to set some traps

  1. Al

    I came to see your bead soup pieces (which are stunning) and this post caught my attention. I grew up in Newfoundland and my father is a fisherman (including lobsters). Anything related automatically draws my interest.


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