Component of the month…

..lucky me! I was chosen as one of the contributors for Sue Kennedy’s component of the month as part of the Art Elements blog.

You can see from my previous post how inspired I am by Sue’s scarab beads. Well, imagine how happy I was to be chosen to work with them again!

My design process looks like a jumble, but it eventually gets me where I am going. I rarely sketch these one of a kind necklaces. I just wait to see where the beads (hers, mine, and others) will lead me.

Here is the finished piece for the Component of the Month challenge:

Love those scarabs, Sue. If you would like to see what Susan and others did with her scarabs, please click on the links below. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Check out Sue Kennedy’s work with her own scarab first!


Deb Fortin

Lennis Carrier

Barb Fernald


Art Elements Team












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22 responses to “Component of the month…

  1. Love the pebbles in your necklace, they really show off the component and make a stunning design!


  2. This is an elegant everyday piece. I really like how modern your design is while using what looks like river stones.


    • Thank you! The stones are actually ocean beach rocks. I live on a little island in Maine, and pick them up every time I go for a walk. I drill a lot of stones throughout the year!


  3. Diana Ptaszynski

    Barb, this necklace reminds me of treasures you would find in a riverbed…with some hidden gems in it. It has a calming feel to it. I love it!


  4. Laney

    I love how you replicate the bead in your previous post and your use of colour to give impact is really fabulous. Lovely piece.


  5. Lovely. Looks like it was meant to be.


  6. I adore people who can take a mixture of beads, put them together and make them look amazing. I love your take on Sue’s bead…modern, yet grounded to the earth. Lovely. Thank you for participating in the challenge this month and for reading Art Elements!


    • Thanks, Jen. I had a link to AE on my blog, but I got messed up on some of my widgets on my site and I can’t seem to get my favorite blog links back in place. Our internet has been so slow lately that it’s not fixable from home. I hope to have it back in place soon!


  7. I always love your beach stones, and how you made a silver matching scarab! Thank you for making such as awesome piece with my bead!


  8. I already loved the other necklace you made with Sues scarabs, love this as well! :)


  9. lesleyhw

    Fabulous! I love how the scarab pops from the lovely soft neutral tone of the other beads.


  10. Lindsay S

    Thank you for playing along with us! Your design process jumble looks just like mine! The creative process requires some visual stimulation, you know? I love the results, and hope you will join us again some time!


  11. Oh! I am liking that! I am drawn to the contrast of the scarab and the stone finish beads. And to the scale. Really different. Thanks for joining us! ( Sorry I was late)


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