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Daily blogging?

Sometimes I just have nothing to say. (It doesn’t mean I have nothing to do!)

As in today. I paid bills, balanced checkbooks, and drilled more sea glass. Not much to say about that.

There was one remarkable part of the day. At 11 a.m. with temperatures in the 40’s, Cindy Thomas and I decided it was a good chance to take our February Dip of the Month. (It is supposed to get cold again over the weekend and she is going away soon.) Doesn’t this look deceptively inviting?

It was actually a little more breezy than we planned on, and the water was only 36°.  Shockingly cold. We did not feel the need go back in for a double dip!


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Happy New Year!

2012 started off with a beautiful day, inspiring a walk on the beach before lunch. With plenty of sun, and no wind,  40° felt more like 50°  and we quickly felt too warm for our jackets, hats and gloves.

Cindy Thomas and I made plans to take our first dip of 2012 at 1 p.m. It’s always a plus to get a winter dip out of the way at the beginning of the month. We know we could wait until February 29 before we would absolutely have to get in the water again to maintain our “Dip of the Month Club” membership. When we went in December, we figured the water was about 44°.

Today I brought Bruce’s spot infrared thermometer to check the water temperature. I picked up Cindy and told her I had the thermometer, and after a beat we looked at each other and said, “Let’s not take the temperature until after we get out of the water!” Good plan. It was pretty cold, and we guessed it was around 42°. The infrared said we were off…by quite a bit….

There is only one thing to do in a situation like this. Take another dip to see if it really feels that cold.

So we did!


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