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What’s for dinner?

Usually, when we don’t know what else to eat, we have lobster. I know. Tough, right? But geez, this spring weather has not been conducive to spending time on a lobster boat. Bruce is hoping to get out (haul traps) tomorrow if the wind dies down. It’s been a week since he has been fishing. At least the sun came out today, and it was warmish despite the wind.

Instead of lobster, tonight we had a big salad. It may sound boring, but we both like coming up with stuff to turn a regular salad into dinner.

Hard boiled eggs are a given. It’s an easy way to get protein into a salad. What looks like bacon is actually thin strips of speck, (prosciutto’s brother) that I picked up at Casa Della Mozeralla in the Bronx. (We’ve already finished the world’s best mozeralla.) I add strawberries to my salad because I like the texture and color. Bruce prefers tomatoes.  We also put in yellow pepper, cucumber, avocado (if it has not gone bad like the one I cut into tonight), olives, and parmesan cheese.

One of my favorite thing to put in a big salad is chick peas. The canned ones are fine. I rinse them, drain them and spread them out on a paper towel to dry out.  I then toss them in a mixture of flour and cayenne pepper, and saute them in a pan with oil until they are crispy. Martha Stewart has a similar recipe for roasted chickpeas, but I like using the saute pan. It’s quicker. Instead, I used the oven to make sourdough garlic croutons. The finishing touch for our salad.

This was a perfect dinner after spending most of the day in the studio.The whole day was actually  pretty perfect, including the walk we took right after lunch. At the end of the island, by the old Coast Guard Station, you can get a 180° view of the water.

To the northeast it was rough, windy and full of whitecaps.

To the southwest it was calm as could be.

And in the middle, Baker Island.


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What do you want for dinner?

It’s a question Bruce and I  ask each other every morning. When you live on an island, with no grocery store, the choices depend on what you have on hand. Any veggies left since the last trip off island?  What’s in the freezer? Since each of us likes to cook, we usually keep a lot of stuff  in the cupboard to work with, but there is no such thing as “fast food” on Little Cranberry Island.

I try to combine my grocery shopping trips with the days I visit my mother in Bar Harbor, about once a week. When I get back from one of these long days, with several bags of groceries to put away, I really don’t feel like rustling up a meal. “What’s for dinner?”  often comes up as a topic of conversation among passengers on the last boat home because most of us don’t feel like cooking after a day off island.

Yesterday I arrived home on the last boat, after a weekend away, having stopped at the grocery store to pick up some atlantic salmon and a box of rice pilaf. Easy meal. We already had some brussels sprouts at home to go with it. I didn’t pick up extra groceries because I knew that I was headed right back off the island today for a dentist appointment. So what did I bring home for dinner tonight?  Rotisserie chicken. Our default dinner for days when neither of us wants to cook. We already had some (washed!) lettuce and spinach on hand, so I knew a salad would be quick to fix. I figured I would see what jumped out at me, in the store, to go with the chicken. (I used up the easy rice pilaf option last night.)

I couldn’t believe there was actually a package of potatoes called “Baby Boomer.” Cutesy packaging that I would have avoided, even if I am a boomer myself. But, they were only 99¢, a manager’s special, and I had a recipe for tiny potatoes that would cook fast. Into my cart they went.

The recipe, one Bruce served a month ago, is from Cook’s Country magazine. A most delicious lemony garlicky way to cook little red potatoes. (Though in this case the 99¢ Baby Boomers were white.) It only took about 20 minutes, made on top of the stove, which gave me time to whip up the salads and heat the rotisserie chicken. On a night when I really didn’t feel like cooking, I had a tasty dinner ready, with a cleaned up kitchen, in just 30 minutes.





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