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Beautiful May 1

After yesterday’s fiasco, driving into the city, we swore off getting into the car today. It was such a beautiful day, third in a row, and we were thinking of taking a nice fast walk. Susie then had an idea. What if we took a more leisurely stroll at Wave Hill, a public garden, 20 minutes away. She said, “It means we have to get back in the  car, but I promise it will be worth it.” She’s the driver around here, so if she was willing to drive, I was willing to be a passenger. I only shuddered a little as we headed back toward the city. But, this time Susie was prepared:

And it really was only 20 minutes away. By going at 10:30 in the morning, we avoided any crowds. What a beautiful spot, right on the Hudson River, with a view of the Palisades in New Jersey.  I had no idea I would see so many flowering trees and plants. I experienced the spring that has not yet come to Maine.

This flower looked just like “baby’s breath” but it was actually a large bush, and a different plant.

You can see we weren’t far from the George Washington Bridge.

Tomorrow I head back to Maine. Bruce says the trees and plants are ready to burst open on the next warm sunny day. I’ll get to see spring bloom again!


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