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It started when Bruce helped me pick these beautiful currents. (On a Sunday before the recent frightful batch of mosquitos struck.)

That night I crushed them, and boiled them, and hung ye olde jelly bag up to let the juice drip out overnight.

It’s a good thing I had room in the refrigerator for all of the currant juice, because it took me until tonight to get around to making jelly. I didn’t have enough currant juice for two batches so I added some raspberry juice and some plum juice from the freezer for batch number two. By this time I had a jam and jelly jones. I was pulling out frozen gooseberries from last year and adding them to frozen raspberries to make a gooseberry/raspberry jam. I haven’t made any jam or jelly for a few years so I think I was making up for lost time tonight.

Boiling water bath to vacuum seal the jars.

I’m all jammed up now!


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