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So nice, I’m posting it twice…

…no, not another snow photo! I think most of us can see enough of the white stuff through our own windows today. In the interest of the Post a Day challenge, I’m pulling something from my own archives to post before then storm causes us to lose power and our internet connection.

I wanted to look again at this image of the Virgin Mother, painted by Luca di Tommi in 1362 and posted last March by my friend Holly, on her blog. (She had just been to the Yale art gallery.) The colors are so rich. I love the glow inside the Madonna’s head covering, behind her neck. The teal blue behind her is the same color as the ocean here in the winter.

What also struck me on that day last March, was the shocking resemblance to the grilled cheese and tomato sandwich I was about to eat.

(I must say, that sure was one divine lunch.)



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