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Dingle dangle day

I celebrated the first day of spring with a long walk this morning and a long walk this afternoon. In between, I put together some earrings with some of the patinated pieces I finished waxing yesterday. (The weather was so nice, I decided to go out rather than take time to take additional photos for listing these on my Etsy site. Maybe tomorrow morning…)

Copper metal clay beads with tearaway texture, russet red patina, fine silver disc, ceramic disc, sterling silver head pin:

More russet red patina on brass paddle beads, sterling silver head pins and beads:

More brass paddles with ocean blue patina, enameled headpins, sterling silver and glass beads:

Brass leaves from Beadin’ Path, verdigris patina, enameled head pins, patinated head pins, s.s. beads, glass beads:

Ceramic beads topped with copper bead cap treated with mix of Persian indigo and laurel green patina; copper headpin with same patina mix:

Bronze clay bunchberry leaves with chestnut brown patina, s.s. beads:

Stamped copper rings, brass discs, treated with ocean blue patina, freshwater pearls:

Earrings below from a few days ago. No patina pieces, but a pair of the cool enameled fluted bead caps made by Sue Kennedy at SueBeads. The Über handy, Über useful enameled head pins are also made by Sue.


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