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An afternoon spent, taking photographs

I followed the sun from room to room, starting just before noon and ending around 3.  Setting up, taking down and resetting my little props and photo cube and tissue paper to try to get 5 decent images for 10 pieces I want to list on Etsy. Some of them came out well, and some need to be reshot. There are so many things to consider.

How do I show a shiny surface without reflecting myself and my camera in the pieces I shoot? What are the best ways to show scale? I don’t know. I just keep trying, and following the learning curve.

When I look at someone’s jewelry on Etsy, I want to see both sides of a piece. Show me the back, please!

Hey, don’t I have some little plastic doodad that would fit onto that knothole in the drift wood?

(I bet you thought it was going to be one of the angry kitties.)

Along with the mischievous angry kitties I also have a nice little set of creepy creeping babies. I never know if using them, as a prop, is pushing the limit; but they crack me up. (No wonder it takes me so long to take photos.)

Bruce dropped a candy wrapper onto my table, trying to distract me.

I just asked him to bring me a couple more of those Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups he was eating.

Really…the focus of taking images for my Etsy shop is to make my jewelry look like some kind of eye candy.

I had hoped to have at least some of the new pieces up on Etsy after this afternoon, but Bruce and I went out to a pot luck dinner, and I have been packing to go away tomorrow for our 8th annual girls’ weekend. I’m meeting up with 3 very dear friends in Portland. Etsy will have to wait until I get back, but at least I’ll have some photos to use.

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Once again, saved from a bad mood by…


It was one of those days. I spent a good, productive morning getting everyone’s (mine, Bruce’s, my mother’s) paper work out of the way. With checkbooks balanced and bills paid, Bruce and I took a walk to the post office before I planned to settle in to a long awaited afternoon in the studio. In the mail was an incorrectly figured bill, related to some supplemental care for my mother. Oy. The studio afternoon ooozed through my fingers in a series of phone calls, document searches, and my growing annoyance with just about everything.

I was beset by a BAD mood, and Bruce wisely went off to play BADminton. (So very different from each other.) And then I remembered my commitment to posting on my blog. Blech. What the hell was I going to write about? Certainly not about all the jewelry I finally worked on in the studio. ¬†Because I didn’t get to do THAT this afternoon. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

I started to look through old photos for inspiration. Yeah, I know gratitude is a tool to get out of self pity mode. When I don’t feel the least bit grateful I start by being glad I do not have a sharp stick in my eye. Really. I thought about pulling out random photos of things for which I am grateful. I was still grumbling until I came across the first photos I took using little plastic props. At last. The mischievous angry kitties made me smile, and life was getting back into perspective.


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