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So much fun…

…that we played with fire all day and all night. I can see how people get addicted to this!  I’ve always liked handmade glass beads, but I now have an even greater appreciation for the skill it takes to make them. We learned safety stuff first, then had some great demos by  Ed and Virginia, started making stringers, and finally decided to take a break for lunch at 1:30. No one wanted to stop working. We came back from lunch, more demos, and then we started to make beads. No one wanted to break for dinner, but since the only pizza delivery in town was Domino’s, the four students headed across the street for Mexican food. Which we ate as fast as we could so we could get right back to the studio. Finally deciding to leave by 10….or so.

Ed and Virginia’s studio. Playing With Fire.

Holly lights her oxy/propane torch for the first time. “Don’t take my picture, I’m too scared!”

“Oh, okay. That wasn’t so bad. Now you can take it.”

Virginia demonstrates how to make stringers:

Making my first stringer:

Holly and I learn the hard way, not to pick up stringers too soon!

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