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Rondelle challenge reveal!

A few weeks ago, readers of Sue Kennedy’s blog were offered a chance to participate in her enameled rondelle bead challenge. She randomly drew 5 names from the list of respondents and guess who was one of the ones to be chosen? Sue sent beads to each of us and we had about 3 weeks to come up with a design.

This is my first blog hop and challenge. I thought it would be easier than it was. I thought about it a lot and then decided to make earrings. I’m surprised I didn’t wear out the enamel on the beads with all of my attempts to put something together and then take it apart when I changed my mind! I finally settled on making this mix of dangles to hang from the beads. The pattern on the beads is so delicate, I did not want to create anything that would cause a distraction by being too heavy, visually.

I hammered and drilled pieces of 20 gauge Argentium sterling for the silver dangles.  I added tiny freshwater pearls and small labradorite beads at opposite ends of silver plated Beadalon. In the right light, the labradorite has a wink of blue that is close to the color of the enamel.

Please be sure to click on the links below to see the excellent work by the other challenge participants. (That is the “blog hop”  part.) Thanks for the opportunity, Sue. This was fun!

Sue Kennedy

Erin Prais-Hintz

Holly Westfall

Jen Judd Velasquez

Kristi Harrison


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