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Another studio day lost…

…to sourdough bread!

Am I becoming obsessed?

My studio day was not really lost. I just didn’t work there, today. Instead I made 2 loaves of bread and some bolognese sauce for pasta for Bruce’s mom’s birthday party tomorrow night. (Along with some olive cheese puffs to bake for hors d’oeuvres.) The other 2 loaves I took with me as gifts for the dinner party we attended in Ellsworth tonight. My friend Susan had arranged a birthday dinner at Simone’s restaurant for our dear friend Helen. One loaf for Helen and one for Susan and her husband Chris who were celebrating 20 years of marriage. Congratulations to all!

I took the 4 p.m. boat off of the island, and hoped there would be enough light to still read my book on the way to N.E. Harbor. There was enough for 5 minutes or so. Suddenly, Tiffany, who was sitting next to me , whipped her head around to look behind her and said, “Oh my god!” ┬áIt took a second for each of us to grab our cameras, and run out to the stern of the boat. Where there were more passengers, mostly workmen, and many with their phones out snapping the same photo we were.




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