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Gobble warming

A bunch of wild turkeys caught our eyes as my brother and I drove over to Bar Harbor to meet with Mom’s doctor at the hospital, this morning.  I’ve seen plenty of wild turkeys, at various times, but this was the first time I’ve ever seen any of them displaying. Darned if it didn’t make me think of elementary school and cutting out turkeys from construction paper; making colorful fanned-out tails.

I had forgotten my camera, but my brother had his, and we pulled over to watch the birds from across the road and get some photos.  When I got home his afternoon that I started to think about the turkeys and wonder:  Isn’t a December display a bit out of season? I Googled the gobblers (sorry) and found nothing about a breeding season at this time of year.  Our December has been so unusually mild that it’s easy to forget that Winter begins next week. “It feels more like Spring,” has been a common remark lately. Apparently these wild turkeys think so too.



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