Tool of the Day


I was starting to photograph things for my Etsy  shop, and this museum gel came in really handy for getting ear wires to sit straight on some of the earrings.



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4 responses to “Tool of the Day

  1. Susan

    Can’t wait to see your Etsy shop. I Checked out Molly’s…very cool!!


  2. Susan

    Sorry..Holly’s shop…fingers are faster than the brain today!!


  3. holly

    thanks for looking, susan!
    and i don’t get it barb…what does this stuff do?! is the get touching the backdrop? these are great earrings, also!


  4. I just use the gel to hold the pieces temporarily in place on a flat surface. For the earrings on wires, I put the gel under the dangle part of the earring so it is lifted up and I have room to “stand” the wires up. (Except one is falling over a little in the shot above. I thought it might be good enough for one of five on Etsy.


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